Arresting drug traffickers to Hanoi

Police of Que Phong District, Nghe An together with the Drug Prevention and Control Patrol and Control Team, Nghe An Provincial Police and Hanh Dich Border Guard Station are completing the dossier of handling Lo Van Mien on the act of transporting illegally 6 cakes of heroin.

Detective in Hanoi – During the investigation, Que Phong District Police discovered that Lo Van Mien was involved in drug-related crimes.

The investigation determined that, on November 8, 2021, the region transported a large amount of drugs to the northern provinces for consumption, the crime-solving force quickly deployed a plan to arrest this person.

Around 7pm on November 8, Mien rode a bus and was arrested by the police. The seized exhibits included 6 heroin cakes weighing more than 2.1 kg. The domain confessed to being hired to bring the above drugs to Hanoi.

Que Phong district police are continuing to investigate and expand the case – Vietnam Detective Service.