Tay Ninh detective service – PI Vietnam is a company operating legally in Vietnam, with 10 years of experience in providing private detective services, private investigation services. The team of Vietnamese private detectives, ready to do the job and provide reputable & effective services. If you need to use Tay Ninh detective services, We can meet your requirements.


The company was established, operating and providing detective services in Vietnam since 2010, operating under the law on enterprises in Vietnam. Tay Ninh detective: 100% of employees in Tay Ninh City are Vietnamese. The staff comes from the police, security or military… We operate in the field of consulting, providing and searching for information and evidence. 

Our team of private detectives has the knowledge, experience and connections that have handled thousands of cases. Solving cases of searching for information and looking for evidence. Services for checking partner information, finding lost relatives, and faithfulness of husband and wife. Provide investigative services to individuals and organizations.


We keep the case information absolutely confidential, ready to sign NDA with Client, if required. We only provide information to customers, destroy information after it has been handed over.


Honesty is the most important factor of private detective services/private investigation services. We are committed to providing accurate, honest information, all case information is transparent.


Work efficiency is the most important thing. A team of experienced private detectives, knowledgeable about culture, knowledgeable about the terrain, equipped with high-tech equipment.


Providing private detective services, leading personal investigation services in Vietnam, providing reputable and effective investigative services. We have 15 experienced and knowledgeable employees ready to do the job in Tay Ninh and others.

Tay Ninh detective, Tay Ninh is a city with a border gate with Cambodia. Therefore, we focus on providing services in Tayninh, ready to consult solutions and professional services. The list of jobs that we offer to individual and corporate clients, include:

Services for individuals

  • Service of finding and verifying information about the fidelity of a spouse (fiancé). Searching for information and evidence about husband and wife relationships (fiancé), relationships with the opposite sex
  • Private detective service observes the activities of a person / a group of people, including the following information: Where to go? doing what? meet who? what time period? what is content?
  • Service to find lost relatives, find their roots in Vietnam. Find Vietnamese parents, find people living in Ho Chi Minh
  • Service to verify personal and family member information, marital status or information about the past
  • Search for a specific person or property. Find information about online scams
  • Search for a specific person / information about online scams. Provide services of finding information and evidence about other cases at the specific request of the Customer

Services for organizations

  • Services of verifying legal status, including: providing information about shareholders, shares, business registration certificates, personnel information…
  • Service of verifying capital amount, address, operating branch, registered industry, information of the manager
  • Searching for competitor information, copyright disputes, intellectual property, unauthorized use of trademarks
  • Tay Ninh detective agency – investigate and verify inventory information, a product, information about the actual operating status of the company
  • Conduct work on finding evidence, people involved in theft in the company, receiving commissions, raising input/output prices or illegally disclosing information
  • Services of verifying personnel information, personnel management, checking personal information of a person or a group of people
  • Perform work as required by corporate Customers

Private detective in Tay Ninh consists of a team of quality private detectives/investigators, ready to work all days of the week, working days and holidays. Tay Ninh private detective service receives service requests anytime 24/7.

PI Vietnam is ready to send employees to work in all provinces/cities in Vietnam. Depending on the case and requirements of the Customer, we will assign work to an appropriate employee or group to coordinate the work.

Professional service

Ready to serve: The private detective team at PI Vietnam is ready to do the job anytime, anywhere in Vietnam
Effective solution: Before starting work, we research the most scientific and reasonable working solution, committed to bringing the highest work efficiency.
Reasonable cost: The price of detective services at PI Vietnam is the most reasonable compared to other companies, because we are a Vietnamese company and optimize all kinds of costs.

Confidential & Reliable

Commitment to keep customer information and case information confidential. PI Vietnam Co., Ltd. is a legal company operating and providing services in Vietnam.


  1. Private investigation and surveillance services in Tay Ninh City, providing services related to business and personal matters. With our surveillance and investigation services, We provide detailed information on the daily schedule of those in need of supervision, including information: Where to go? doing what? meet who?
  2. Information of activities will be recorded by images, clips and sounds (if any). The cost for each working day is 12 hours. If you use the service for more than 5 days, you will get 10% discount. For your specific requirements, we will have a detailed quote. Prices for private detective services vary from city to city.
  3. Services for businesses include: Competitor investigation service, counterfeit goods investigation, intellectual property law violation, commercial fraud, competitor information lookup,… Fees will be quoted as a package, without incurring.
  4. Private detective TayNinh City – Our price is not the cheapest but we are committed to bringing the highest efficiency, fastest time, most accurate information.
  5. Service rental costs are calculated reasonably, fairly, the price is all-inclusive and does not arise. Service prices are balanced with benefits to match our costs and the interests of Customers.

Service Note:

Private detective Tay Ninh – If you want to work more than 12 hours a day, the service price will be added. In case the work arises outside the agreement, We will discuss and get the consent of the Customer before performing the work.

About Us

Tay Ninh detective agency – In charge of PI Vietnam is Thang Phung Viet (Mr), who has 15 years of experience in the search and information supply industry. Thang is especially experienced in serving cases that need to find evidence and information for individuals and organizations. 

We have the professional team of 75 Vietnamese private detectives & investigators, with professional experience, having solved thousands of cases in Vietnam.


We are a company operating legally and providing professional services in Tay Ninh, Vietnam. We have a business registration license in Vietnam. We have offices and permanent staff in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh and Da Nang…

We operates and provides investigative services, private detective services provide services to clients who are businesses & individuals since 2010. We have solved thousands of cases effectively, highly appreciated by customers.

We provide private detective services in Tay Ninh City. PI Vietnam aims to provide a differentiated service based on work efficiency and fast execution speed. Service is guaranteed in Tay Ninh!


  1. We are Vietnamese, a company established in Vietnam. Therefore, we have a good relationship with local authorities and social relationships. We are also knowledgeable about the culture, lifestyle and terrain in all cities.
  2. We are a direct service provider, unlike many companies that do not operate directly in Vietnam (they use outsourced services). We are completely proactive in providing services and implementing work.
  3. The staff is Vietnamese, well-trained and experienced, and comes from scouts, police or military. Private detectives have directly solved thousands of cases in Vietnam with a variety of cases.
  4. We are committed to the most reasonable price of private detective service but bring the best efficiency. With the advantage of being Vietnamese, we provide detective services at a cost that suits most of our clients.
  5. Work efficiency – confidentiality of information, We are committed to bring work efficiency, provide sufficient information and evidence required by the Customer. 
  6. Private detective in Tay Ninh City, Vietnam – We sign the NDA with the Client (if required), to ensure that the information is always kept confidential.

Transparency policy: We provide services based on equality and trust. The obligation to perform the work is agreed upon and agreed upon between the two parties. The core value of Vietnamese detective services is integrated by integrity, professionalism, respect for others and continuous improvement of service quality.


Confidentiality and legality: Providing detective services, information lookup services in accordance with current laws and contractual agreements with Customers. The case information is only handed over to the Customer and deleted immediately upon receipt of the handover. The private investigation service is completely confidential.


The private detective team at PI Vietnam has a team of staff who are well versed in local customs, culture and topography. We have a good relationship with the local government and social relations.


Vietnamese detective – In case, the Client has a request to know the truth about someone or something. Either, you need information, evidence or you want to deal with specific business, or want to get some advice, or need any form of investigation in Vietnam, our team of private detectives/investigators at PI Vietnam can definitely help you.

Our Private Detective is rated as the best among professional private detectives. Private investigators / detectives always complete their work and are committed to absolute confidentiality of all client information as well as case information. We use the latest investigative technology, assistive devices and privacy and security practices for the best results.

Tay Ninh detective, We are a company registered, operating in Vietnam, the investigators/detectives are 100% Vietnamese. When you hire a private investigator from PI Vietnam, this means you get direct support from Vietnamese people.

Mobilize customers’ capital and then appropriate it

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Detective service in Tay Ninh is guaranteed! We accept payment via: Cash, bank transfer or Western Union or Xoom (a Paypal money transfer service) & Paypal.