Cyclists who run red lights are fined

Information from the authorities in Ho Chi Minh City said that many exercise bike riders who crossed the red light and entered the car lane on Pham Van Dong Boulevard were fined; Some cars were impounded.

Around 4:30 a.m., many groups of people ride sports bicycles in traffic on Pham Van Dong Street, Thu Duc City.

Many bicycles ran red lights, were signaled by the Patrol Traffic Police Team to stop, some people fled.

Police have fined nearly a dozen violators. Some people did not bring the money to pay the fine on the spot, and the car was temporarily impounded.

Decree 100 stipulates that bicycles entering prohibited roads will be fined 200,000-300,000 VND; Failure to comply with traffic lights will be fined 100,000-200,000 VND.

The patrolling traffic police team led the group and sanctioned more than 100 cases of bicycles running red lights and driving in the wrong lane.

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