Fake red book to scam in Ha Giang

Information from the authorities in Ha Giang, the provincial police agency has issued a decision to prosecute the accused against a man named Ky.

Authorities executed a detention order for Dang Vinh Ky to investigate the crime of fraudulently appropriating property, with a fraudulent amount of up to 3.8 billion VND.

According to police investigation, Dang Vinh Ky owns 2 land plots in group 5, Ngoc Ha ward, Ha Giang city. The first land plot was mortgaged to borrow money at the bank. The second land plot has an area of ​​56.6 m2, Ky has sold to other people.

The period arose the intention to forge the Certificate of Land Use Right to sell in order to defraud and appropriate the property of the buyer.

In April 2021, Ky bought a plot of land from Mr. Loc Tien D. with the amount of 1,825 billion VND, Ky paid part of the money in advance and owed one billion VND, promising to pay after 10 days.

Ky used the fake land use right certificate to deduct the debt from Mr. Duong for 1.9 billion dong, and received it from Mr. D. 900 million dong.

Detective in Vietnam – Ky again offered to sell a land plot of 56.6 m2 to Mrs. H. for 1.9 billion VND.

In August 2021, Mr. D. and Ms. H. brought the purchase and sale records to change their names, discovered that the red book had been faked, so they reported it to the police for investigation and handling.

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