Arresting a young man for theft in Da Nang

Information from the criminal police of Da Nang City, Vietnam, said that this agency is temporarily holding Nhan for investigation of property theft.

A Chinese man reported being stolen a Xiaomi phone, two Hong Kong bills, 100 USD and 6 million dong in cash.

After the investigation process, Nhan was arrested by criminal detectives. This person claimed to have broken into the toilet and entered the bedroom on the 2nd floor to get the property.

Da Nang detective – Nhan sells phones, sells two Hong Kong bills and spends this money to exchange for 5 hidden $100 bills.

Nhan was sentenced to 6 months in prison by the court for Theft of property of foreigners, while waiting to serve his sentence, he continued to steal.

Nhan committed 4 other thefts in Da Nang, with total assets of about 60 million dong.

The case is continuing to be investigated and clarified – Vietnam detective service.