Selling drugs in the bar toilet in Da Nang

The court in Da Nang City opened a trial and sentenced defendant Huynh Van Tai, residing in Tho Quang ward, Son Tra district, Da Nang city, Vietnam to 17 years in prison for illegal drug trading.

Tai buys ecstasy and brings it to the bar, discotheque, Tai makes an appointment with the customer in the bar’s toilet, the discotheque makes the transaction.

Vietnam detective – Tai bought 20 ecstasy pills for 5 million VND at the foot of Thuan Phuoc bridge, brought back to the apartment to hide in April 2020.

When Tai was at home, the subject named Thuc contacted him and asked to buy 7 ecstasy pills. They meet at a TV bar for delivery. At the bar, Tai and Thuc went to the bathroom, Tai gave Thuc 7 ecstasy pills.

On April 20, 2020, Tai continued to contact an object named Bo to buy 100 ecstasy pills, 10 grams of Ketamine for 29 million VND.

When Tai brought drugs to Ngo Quyen Street, he was caught by the Son Tra Border Guard Station.

This person has previously committed a crime and was convicted – detective service in Da Nang, Vietnam.