Arrest 2 people illegally collecting money

Information from the police investigation agency of Ba Vi district, Hanoi city. This agency has just ordered to keep Nguyen Trung Hoa residing in Ba Vi district, Hanoi and Nguyen Sy Kham residing in Van Thang commune, Ba Vi, Hanoi. Police investigate the act of “robbing property”.

Around 2pm on December 6, 2021, the subjects invited each other to ride motorbikes to the reed lawn area in Phu Cuong commune, Ba Vi, Hanoi.

Kham and Hoa saw that many guests came to visit and take pictures of the mop, so they discussed to collect parking fees.

Kham and Hoa asked people to pay for parking at the price of 10,000 VND/e-bike and 20,000 VND/motorcycle.

If the parking fee is not collected, the subjects also use force to threaten and force the students who come here to have fun to pay protection money.

Some subjects also used force to threaten the victim.

Ba Vi district police are continuing to investigate, clarify and handle according to the law, detective services in Vietnam 2020.