Catch a group of loan sharks in Dak Lak

Information from the police of Dak Lak province, Vietnam, this unit together with the police of M’Drak district investigated and handled a group of subjects from Hai Phong to Dak Lak for black credit activities and loan sharking.

During the initial investigation, from March to November 2021, a group of people including Do Van Hop, Pham Hong Thai and Bui Van Thien moved from Hai Phong to M’Drak district to temporarily reside and operate black credit.

This group lends money with interest rates ranging from 121.7%/year to 405.5 %/year.

About 150 borrowers with a total transaction amount of more than VND 4 billion. The police agency has seized many papers, books and exhibits related to usury.

The case is under extensive investigation, detective service in Vietnam