Young man accused of rape in Hanoi

A 13-year-old girl named Trang, due to her family problems, took a taxi from Vinh Phuc to Hanoi to meet her boyfriend through social networks before, Vietnam detective agency.

Vietnamese detectives, during the night at the motel, these two voluntarily had sex, private detective service agency.

On the afternoon of December 7, the Court in Hanoi, Vietnam opened a closed court hearing the case “Rape of a person under 16 years old”.

The court sentenced defendant Tran Van Hai Nam (Tuyen Quang) to 8 years in prison.

On June 26, Trang (13 years old, from Vinh Phuc) got acquainted with Nam. Nam is working in Me Linh district, Hanoi.

Due to a conflict with her mother, Trang told Nam that she wanted to run away from home and asked him to find a job.

Trang took a taxi from Vinh Phuc to Hanoi to meet Nam, Vietnam detective.

Nam took Trang to the motel room and had sex twice.

Nam texted to inform his girlfriend’s family members with the purpose of not wanting Trang’s parents to worry.

The girl’s family later reported it to the police, a private detective in Vietnam.