Threatening and arresting ex-lover with a gun

Information from the investigating agency in Ba Ria Vung Tau – A young man named Le Quoc Vu, 22 years old, was arrested, Vietnam private detective agency.

This person and his friend brought a gun to shoot, controlling the old lover into the car, Vietnam detectives.

The reason is said to be Vu, who was prevented from seeing his children by his ex-lover.

On December 20, 2022, Vu and Thang, 27 years old, in Hanoi were detained by the Phu My Town Police for the act of unlawfully arresting people.

According to the investigation, Vu and Han, 22 years old, love each other and have a child together.

In November, they broke up after a disagreement, the private detective.

Han’s family did not allow Vu to see this child and this sister. Vu asked Thang to bring a gun to Han’s house to scare him.

Vu and Thang took a taxi to this sister’s house, pulling Han to drag.

The Han family prevented him, Thang pulled out a gun and fired twice, but didn’t hit anyone.

The taxi driver took out his car keys and left.

Vu and Thang were arrested along with the exhibits soon after.

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