Tien Giang: Arrest dog thief and dog buyer

Vietnamese private detective service agency – Police of Cai Be district, Tien Giang province, Vietnam conducted an administrative inspection of the “Civet” restaurant owned by Do Ba Hanh.

The authorities discovered two subjects driving a motorbike, carrying a bag containing many dogs to sell.

Vietnam detective agency, One person quickly ran away as soon as he saw the police.

Police arrested Ho Thanh Thuan, residing in Dong Thap province, and confiscated evidence including a dog shooting kit, 2 plastic bottles containing chili powder and 9 dead dogs.

Thuan admitted that on the night of February 28, 2024, Thuan and another subject drove to steal dogs in the Tien Giang and Long An areas, then sold them to Hanh for spending money.

Hanh also admitted knowing that the above dogs were stolen but still agreed to buy the dogs that the other two people had stolen.

Cai Be district police continue to investigate and search for the fugitive.

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