Pretend to work at VTV News to commit fraud

Newsletter of private investigation agencies and private investigation service agencies in Hanoi, Vietnam.

The People’s Procuracy of Ha Tinh province issued an indictment against Vu Anh Tuan, 49 years old, residing in Dan Phuong district, Hanoi city.

This person was prosecuted for fraudulent appropriation of property.

According to the investigation, due to needing money for personal expenses, Tuan repeatedly gave false information about his ability to reduce his prison sentence.

Vu Anh Tuan claimed to be the head of the department of VTV News electronic newspaper or special work in the police and intelligence sector.

Vu Anh Tuan committed to the victim about asking for a reduced sentence and bail to carry out the act.

From October 2021 to May 2022, Tuan appropriated a total of more than 3.3 billion VND from Ms. N.T.L. 47 years old, residing in Cam Xuyen town, Ha Tinh, Vietnam.

The Police Investigation Agency of Ha Tinh Province prosecuted and ordered the arrest of the defendant to temporarily detain Tuan for 4 months.

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