The maid steals the landlord’s money

Information from the police agency, on October 17, 2021, a woman named Phuong was issued a decision on criminal detention by La Gi town police and investigated for property theft.

Local police said that more than half a month ago, Mrs. Do Thi Kim Van reported that her family had stolen a large property.

Investigating and collecting evidence, the ward police identified Ms. Van’s maid as a suspect.

Being invited by the police to work, Phuong initially admitted to taking a total of 340 million dong and 5 taels of gold from the owner.

Phuong claimed to have worked as a maid for Ms. Van since about May 2021.

She knew well where the owner’s property was kept. When the owner was away, Phuong many times sneaked into the room to steal and hide, appropriating money and gold.

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