Breaking the gambling chain in Daklak

Information from Krong Nang district police have prosecuted 15 people in the football betting line. The police conducts an investigation into gambling behavior and gambling organization.

Krong Nang district police have coordinated with the Department of Cybersecurity and high-tech crime prevention, Dak Lak Provincial Police to dismantle the betting line.

Vietnam detective service, Van Chin is the leader and other gamblers in the districts of Krong Pak, Ea Kar and Krong Nang, Vietnam.

Initial investigation, Van Chin contacted a person in Ho Chi Minh City to buy 2 football betting accounts. Nine on handing over an account to another subject to manage.

After that, it was divided into 26 accounts and assigned to the subjects in the line to participate in football betting.

Every day, this line deals in football betting over 2 billion VND.

Vietnamese detective – The case is currently being expanded and clarified