Scam selling Covid-19 test kits

A young man named Nhuan, 25 years old, was detained by the Binh Duong Police, Vietnam to investigate the act of fraudulent appropriation of property.

According to the investigative agency, Nhuan does not have a job, in order to have money to spend, Nhuan cheated to sell Covid-19 quick test kit, he received a large source of quality, cheap goods.

Vietnam Private Detective – On September 28, someone contacted to order 30,000 test kits for 2.4 billion VND.

Profits forged sales contracts and delivery notes to partners. He requests wire transfers, when receiving the money, Nhuan cuts off contact.

Nhuan admitted the behavior, declared that he had taken the appropriated money to pay the debt and spent it all.

The case is under investigation – detective in Vietnam