Protester at the quarantine point was arrested

Information from the police agency of Ninh Binh City in Vietnam, this unit said that the investigating police agency had made a decision to prosecute the case “against public official” against Phan Tan Thuong.

Around 8 pm on October 23, Phan Tan Thuong drove a BKS 35A-222.90 car from the epidemic area of Y Yen district (Nam Dinh) to Ninh Binh city.

At the Covid-19 epidemic control point at Non Nuoc bridge, Ninh Binh city, Thuong was asked to stop the car to make a medical declaration.

Without stopping as required, Thuong continued to press the accelerator and ran straight into the traffic policeman.

At the investigation agency, Thuong confessed all his crimes.

The Police Department of Ninh Binh City Police is completing the dossier to handle the subject in accordance with the law, the case is continuing to be investigated and clarified –