Scam money to reduce sentence in Bac Lieu

Information from authorities in Bac Lieu, Vietnam – A man named Tran Huy Toan, 42 years old, this person is accused of receiving 550 million VND.

This money was intended as a bribe to reduce the prison sentence, but then he appropriated this money.

To implement the plan, on December 14, 2021, Toan was held by the Police of Bac Lieu province, Vietnam, for fraudulent acts of appropriating property.

According to the investigative agency, Toan knew that Mrs. Loan’s relatives were being investigated for property theft.

He admitted to knowing many people who could be released on bail. He asked Mrs. Loan to pay for this work.

In May 2020, Toan received a total of 550 million VND from Mrs. Loan’s family many times.

Mrs. Loan knew she was cheated so she denounced him – Detective service in Vietnam