Robbed a jewelry store with a gun in Binh Duong

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A serious gold store robbery happened in Binh Duong, four people riding two motorbikes, holding guns, rushed into Bich Quy jewelry store.

These four people stole about 20 taels of gold jewelry and escaped immediately afterward.

A group of people including 2 men and 2 women riding a motorbike with license plates from Ho Chi Minh City and Binh Phuoc stopped in front of a gold shop in Lai Uyen town.

One person pointed a gun and threatened the store owner, then they broke the glass display case and stole the gold.

The group got into the car and escaped immediately afterward. The police are investigating the incident. The incident took place in just over a minute.

According to the gold shop owner, the amount of gold stolen was about 20 taels, worth nearly one billion dong.

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