Imprisonment for driver who hit airport security

Ngo Hoang Phong drives a car to pick up passengers illegally at Da Nang airport, Danang detective agency, Vietnam.

He drove away 400 meters, even though a male security guard was clinging to the hood.

The People’s Court of Hai Chau district, Da Nang, Vietnam sentenced Ngo Hoang Phong, a resident of Son Tra district, Da Nang, to 9 months in prison for resisting people on duty.

Phong drove his car into the public area of the domestic terminal to pick up passengers when he was discovered by Truong Cong Vu, 34 years old, an employee of the Mobile Security Team, Da Nang Aviation Security Center.

Vu recorded a video and asked the driver to stop and check. Phong got out of the car and said he was taking a familiar passenger, so he didn’t comply.

Phong got in the car and drove away, even though Vu was standing in front of the car.

Vu jumped on the hood, but Phong did not stop. About 400 meters out of the station, Phong stopped the car to let Mr. Vu get off.

Phong was asked by a passenger to take him home because he had urgent work at home.

Phong claimed that he was under pressure to borrow money from the bank to buy a car and was worried that stopping the car would result in a fine, so the driver ran away.

Da Nang Detective: