Principal caught gambling in Thanh Hoa

Information from the police investigation agency of Thanh Hoa province, Vietnam said that this agency is holding these two officers and a high school teacher working at the school in Nghi Son town.

Eight other suspects in the case were also detained to clarify gambling behavior and gambling organization. Authorities have not released details of the person involved and the amount.

Detective service in Vietnam – Chairman of the People’s Committee of Cac Son commune, said that in the early morning of October 7, the criminal police broke into a house in Phu Son village, Cac Son commune, and caught 11 people playing cards. money.

Among the suspects were two principals of Cac Son A and Cac Son B elementary schools.

The Education and Training Department of Nghi Son town and local leaders have not yet received an official notice from the police.

Authorities continue to investigate and clarify