Pretending to be a girl to rob a taxi

Information from authorities in Hai Duong, Vietnam – Tuan Anh and Truong Van Tan were detained by the police of Kinh Mon town in Hai Duong, Vietnam to investigate property robbery.

The plan of these two people to disguise themselves as girls to rob a taxi and sell them, Tan bought a wig and a woman’s sunscreen. Tuan Anh bought 2 electric batons, 2 plastic guns.

Private detective – Tuan Anh rented a taxi, Tan played the role of a woman, waited for the taxi to take Tuan Anh past and then got into the car.

Tan strangled the driver, Tuan Anh threatened with a baton and a plastic gun. The driver tried to run away but could not.

Many people came, Tuan Anh and Tan abandoned the taxi, fled, then surrendered.

The case continues to be investigated and clarified by the investigating authorities – Private detective agency in Vietnam