Breaking the car glass was prosecuted

Information from authorities in Hai Phong, Vietnam – A young man named Le Van Toan, while being chased, fought back with a belt.

This action broke the rear glass of the opponent’s car, so he faced a charge of destroying property.

Toan was ordered by Ba Don town police to hold people in an emergency.

Vietnamese detectives – Le Quy Linh, Truong Thanh were arrested to clarify the illegal arrest and detention of people.

Investigating the incident, at the Luxury karaoke bar, Toan’s group had a conflict leading to a fight with Linh’s group.

Toan fled to Highway 12A and was chased by Linh’s car group. Toan pulled out his belt to fight back, breaking the rear windshield of the car.

Linh and Thanh continued to chase, brought Le Van Huy (Toan’s group) to the Luxury karaoke bar to keep, waiting for the next day Huy’s family members brought compensation money.

The case continues to be investigated and clarified by the police agency, private detective in Vietnam.