Fleeing to Cambodia after committing a crime

Newsletter of a private detective service company in Tay Ninh Vietnam – Cao Minh Quang was arrested by authorities in Cambodia while hiding from the wanted here.

Chau Thanh district police, Tay Ninh province, Vietnam received this person for investigation.

Tay Ninh detective – According to the police, Quang knew N.N.H. Born in 2006.

Affection arose, Quang invited H. to the motel to have sex many times, this time H. was not yet 16 years old.

H.’s family reported to the police. Quang escaped from the locality and crossed the border to Cambodia.

The investigative police agency has issued a wanted arrest warrant for Cao Minh Quang for having intercourse with a person from full 13 years old to under 16 years old.

Chau Thanh district police discovered Quang hiding in Bavet city.

Coordinating with the forces, on the afternoon of October 11, 2022, Quang was arrested, a private detective in Tay Ninh.