The man stole money from the neighbor’s house

Theft case in Thanh Hoa city, Vietnam, private detective service agency in Thanh Hoa city, Vietnam.

Vietnamese detectives agency – Nguyen Van Tinh broke into people’s houses and stole 30 million VND.

Thanh Hoa Provincial Police informed that they had arrested Nguyen Van Tinh to investigate property theft.

Nhu Thanh district police received news that the family of Mr. N.V.K. Thieves broke in and stole 30 million VND.

During the investigation, the police determined that Nguyen Van Tinh was the culprit.

Tinh admitted that due to debt, he came up with the idea of stealing property and taking the money to spend.

Tinh broke into Mr. K’s house, broke into the safe and stole the entire amount of 30 million VND.

The case continues to be investigated and clarified by private detectives in Vietnam