Stealing gold at a gold shop in Nghe An

A young man named Ngai, residing in Quynh Xuan ward, Hoang Mai, Nghe An, Vietnam is being investigated by the police and criminally detained for robbery.

On the afternoon of October 30, Ngai went to a gold shop in Quynh Vinh commune and asked to buy a second-class gold chain, worth more than 10 million VND.

Wearing it on his wrist, Ngai said he went to his motorbike to get his phone to transfer money, but jumped in the car and drove off.

Knowing the police were investigating and being mobilized, Ngai surrendered.

At the investigation agency, the suspect said that he was interested in securities, so he borrowed money from a bank to invest.

Profit is not available but must pay interest, Ngai thinks how to rob property, the case continues to be clarified – detective in Vietnam