Fraud money selling fireworks in Hanoi

Information about the case from the investigative police agency – Dong Da district police, Hanoi, Vietnam.

The young man’s name is Duong Van Son because he has no money.

He arose with the intention of deceiving property by posing as a military officer selling fireworks of the Ministry of Defense.

Authorities have just prosecuted the case and prosecuted the accused against Duong Van Son (residing in Phu Binh, Thai Nguyen) for the crime of “fraudulent appropriation of property”.

Young scammers in Hanoi

Detective Vietnam – According to the investigation, Mr. T ordered fireworks from Son.

To convince him, Son sent a picture of him wearing a military uniform and a sales list with a picture of the military uniform.

Mr. T. ordered 80 boxes of pellet-type fireworks, 100 boxes of spray-type fireworks and transferred the amount of VND 80 million as a deposit.

Mr. T. did not receive the fireworks as promised. He knew he had been cheated, so he went to the police station to report it.

In early May 2022, Duong Van Son surrendered to the police station.

Dong Da district police are consolidating records, handling subjects in accordance with the law in Vietnam, the case continues to be investigated and clarified.

Detective in Vietnam