Sales manager sentenced to 20 years in prison

Information from the authorities in Vietnam – The court in Kien Giang has sentenced defendant Do Tuan Phong, living in District 6, Ho Chi Minh City to 20 years in prison for “embezzlement of property”.

This person was asked to refund nearly 5 billion VND to the victim.

In 2017, Phong was appointed by Branch of Nguyen Kim Trading Joint Stock Company as Sales Manager of Nguyen Kim Kien Giang Shopping Center.

Phong contacted Nguyen Kim branches in the provinces to get electrical goods, Ho Chi Minh detective.

Detective in Ho Chi Minh Vietnam – After that, he then sold it to a businessman in Ho Chi Minh City at a cheap price in order to get money.

Phong set up a retail profile by taking fake customer information to issue false invoices, appropriating the amount of over 2.4 billion VND.

Nguyen Kim Company conducted inventory at Kien Giang branch, discovered that Phong had lost goods with a value of about 4.9 billion VND.

Nguyen Kim Company reported Phong’s wrongdoing to the police.

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