Prosecution for buying selling bank accounts

Information from the police agency of Da Nang City, Vietnam. This agency has just issued a decision to prosecute Le Thi Binh (residing in Da Nang city) and Nguyen Thi Anh (Dak Lak province).

These two people were investigated for “illegal buying and selling of bank account information”.

According to the investigation, Binh was acquainted with him and was told by him that “if you want to have money to spend, open a bank account and sell it to him for 700,000 VND/account”.

After that, Binh opened 9 bank accounts, this person found 10 other people to open a total of 56 accounts, earning an illegal profit of 16.8 million dong.

Nguyen Thi Anh sold each bank account for 1 million dong, earning 19.5 million dong.

The police agency continues to investigate and clarify – Vietnamese private detective