Prosecuting the driver who hit 2 students

Information from the authorities in Vietnam – A person named Tran Xuan Hai drove a car to kill 2 students in Binh Dinh because of a debt of 900,000 VND.

Colonel Huynh Bao Nguyen said: The authorities have issued a decision to prosecute Tran Xuan Hai to continue the investigation of murder.

At noon on August 3, Vo Phan Hoai B., Nguyen Quoc V. and Ngo Quang L. went to the house of Ms. Le – the wife of Tran Xuan Hai in An Thanh commune, Hoai An district to resolve conflicts related to debts. 900 thousand dong.

Private detective – The three teenagers above had a quarrel with Tran Xuan Hai.

Tran Xuan Hai drove a 4-seat car, chased about 80m and then crashed into the back of 3 teenagers’ motorbikes.

The incident killed two people and injured one.

Binh Dinh Provincial Police have criminally detained the subject Tran Xuan Hai, to consolidate the investigation file for murder.

Vietnam detective service bulletin