Man arrested for burning motorbike

Information from the authorities, after a motorbike collision, the 16-year-old teenager was chased by Pham Thanh Nhan, 32, with a knife and then burned his motorbike.

Detective service in Vietnam – Nhan, was investigated, prosecuted and detained by the Dat Do District Police for the act of destroying property on October 22, 2021.

According to police investigation, Nhan drove a scooter from Loc An commune to Phuoc Hai.

When going to an intersection, there was a collision with the teen’s car, causing both to fall.

Not stopping there, Nhan chased and slashed the teenager once, causing minor injuries.

The victim escaped, but the teenager was not found. Nhan returned to the scene of the collision, set fire to the victim’s car and then left.

Police investigating this serious case, detective in Vietnam.