Deputy forest ranger station arrested

The man named Vuong The Cao, 40 years old, this person holds the position of deputy station number 5, Ea So Nature Reserve, he is accused of receiving 4 million VND to let the loggers harvest timber.

Cao was prosecuted and arrested by the Ea Kar District Police for taking bribes, according to the provisions of Article 354 of the Penal Code in Vietnam.

Extensive investigation of deforestation in Ea So Nature Reserve. In connection with the case, Hoang Cong Nhat was also arrested for the same crime, but this person was released on bail.

Vietnam detective – According to the investigation, in 2020, Hoang Cong Y, former head of station No. 3, was assigned by the Management Board of Ea So Nature Reserve to be the leader of the forest protection and sweeping team.

He discussed with Cao for a group of loggers in Song Hinh district, Phu Yen province, to enter sub-zones 618, 622 of Ea So Nature Reserve to harvest timber on a large scale.

Italy then asked his brother, Hoang Cong Nhat, to come to Phu Yen to receive 35 million VND from a group of forest thieves. After receiving the money, the station chief divided Japan 2 million, Cao 4 million.

Authorities have prosecuted 37 defendants for violations of regulations on exploitation and protection of forests and forest products. Arrest 18 defendants in custody, 19 others are banned from leaving their residences.

On July 22, authorities continued to prosecute and arrest Hoang Cong Y on the charge of accepting bribes. 40 defendants have been prosecuted.

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