Caught a taxi robber in Thai Nguyen

Information from authorities in Thai Nguyen, Vietnam. A man named Ma Van Tang, 33 years old, was arrested after committing the crime.

He rented a taxi, then went to an empty road, pulled out a knife to attack the driver to rob the property but failed.

Tang is being detained by the Phu Luong District Police, Thai Nguyen, Vietnam to investigate the act of robbery.

He said around 12 o’clock on October 4, 2022, he called the switchboard of a taxi company in Thai Nguyen city, booked a car to pick up at Yen Trach commune, Phu Luong district.

At the empty road, he pulled the skin, controlled the driver, demanded money.

The driver kicked the door to get out with injuries to his neck and face.

Tang was later arrested. The case continues to be investigated and clarified, detective service & private investigation in Vietnam