Bringing Customer’s car as a mortgage

Police in Dong Anh District, Hanoi City, Vietnam have just issued a decision to prosecute Nguyen Duy Huong and Nguyen Duc Hung, who both reside in Bac Hong, Dong Anh, on charges of abusing trust to appropriate property.

According to the investigation of the authorities, in early October 2021, Mr. L.V.T. residing in Me Linh, Hanoi brought a Toyota Fortuner brand car to Nguyen Duy Huong’s car repair shop in Dong Anh to paint and polish the car.

Detective Hanoi – Huong arose the intention to take it as a pledge to get money to pay the debt and then redeem the car to pay Mr. T. later. Huong met Nguyen Duc Hung to pledge her car and promised to give 3 million dong in public money.

These two people discussed falsifying car purchase and sale documents, then mortgaged an amount of VND 400 million – detective service in Vietnam.

Based on the investigation documents, Dong Anh District Police arrested Huong and Hung to investigate the abuse of trust to appropriate property.

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