Bringing dogs to attack people in Da Nang

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Pham Nguyen Viet Nhut, 41 years old, saw his friend bring a Pitbull dog to resolve a conflict. He also used a baseball bat to hit the victim.

The court in Da Nang sentenced Nhut to 9 years in prison for murder.

Early in the morning of May 30, 2022, Tran Dinh Thao invited Nhut to have breakfast and drink coffee.

Da Nang detective – Thao told Nhut about being beaten and injured by Truong Anh Tam.

Thao brought her Pitbull dog and asked someone named Sang to take her to find Tam.

Thao discovered that Mr. Tam was sitting inside. Thao walked in with the dog to talk.

Nhut was not asked for help but still jogged home to get a metal baseball bat, about 60 cm long.

Nhut saw Mr. Tam holding a wooden chair and standing opposite Mr. Thao, so he rushed to attack him.

Nhut used a stick to beat Tam, causing a 12% injury rate.

The case was later investigated by the police agency in Da Nang, Vietnamese private detective