2 reporters jailed for extortion in Bac Ninh

The incident happened in early August 2021 – The woman named Oanh, 30 years old, a reporter for an electronic magazine, used the violation evidence of the cosmetic establishment to extort money.

Oanh and Loan, 34 years old, contacted the owner of the Cosmetology Institute, asking for 40 million VND to delete the offending images.

The salon owner negotiated to reduce the money, Oanh and Loan reduced it to 25 million dong.

On the afternoon of August 27, 2021, at a cafe, Oanh and Loan were receiving 25 million VND from the owner of the beauty salon when they were caught by the police of Tu Son city.

Oanh and Loan were both sentenced to four years in prison by the jury for the crime of appropriating property under Article 170 of the Penal Code.

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