Young people attack people causing injuries

Newsletter of private detective services agency and private investigators in Vietnam.

Information from the private  investigation/ private detectives agency in Ha Tinh, Vietnam.

The Huong Son district police, prosecuted and ordered the arrest of the accused for temporary detention for 20-year-old Phan Anh Duc, residing in Son Giang commune, Huong Son district, Ha Tinh province, for the crime of “Intentionally causing injury”.

Duc went to a neighbor’s wedding and had a disagreement with 19-year-old Pham Tien D.

Duc ran home to get a knife to settle the dispute but was prevented by everyone.

At about 13:50 on the same day, Duc saw Mr. D passing by, so he punched and continued to get the weapon.

Mr. N.D.H. be there and intervene.

Duc used a knife to slash twice on his body, in the head of Mr. H. causing him to be injured.

The investigating agency determined that Mr. H. had a 2% injury rate, Vietnamese detective service agency