Scam investors in Ho Chi Minh city

Information from authorities in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – Ho Chi Minh City police are holding Han Huu Hai and Tran Le Pham Trung to clarify the act of appropriating property.

Initial investigation showed that, in April 2021, Hai and Trung set up two websites:, to appropriate investors’ money.

Investors use their bank accounts to buy USDT virtual currency and change it to Gold virtual currency, then use the order to play Bacarat cards on and

Investors choose to play freely or play with insurance with a guarantee of profits up to 8-9% per week.

Investors can also withdraw money, then it is difficult to place withdrawal orders. In November 2021, Hai and Trung collapsed the floor to appropriate investors’ money.

Nine people filed a complaint accusing Hai and Trung of appropriating more than 12 billion VND.

Many other victims are filing lawsuits against these two for appropriating property.

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