Raise workers’ wages to appropriate

Information from authorities in Cao Bang, Vietnam – Woman named Hang, former Chief Accountant of Cao Bang Investment Development and Environment Company.

This person was arrested by the economic police department of Cao Bang province on March 12, 2022 to investigate the crime of embezzlement of property.

During the 2012-2016 period, Ms. Hang took advantage of her position to make false declarations and payments.

This person appropriated more than 400 million dong. This person retired in 2017.

Previously, the police arrested four leaders and officers of this business.

Vietnamese Detectives – According to the investigation, this company was granted funding to operate and treat waste at Na Lan landfill but did not do so.

Police investigation discovered many documents related to the short sale of chemicals to withdraw money from the state.

The investigating agency alleges that the defendants signed contracts and bought short invoices to settle the amount of more than 1.6 billion VND.

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