Catch a thief dressed as a woman

Tam, a 41-year-old man, was investigated and arrested by the police of Phuc Yen city, Vinh Phuc, Vietnam for robbery on the evening of October 12, 2021.

Tam told the police, he was addicted to drugs and was in need, so he had an intention to steal in Phuc Thang Primary School, where he used to build electricity and water.

Vietnamese detective – Tam wears a disguised floral dress, prepares more knives and lanyards to commit theft…

Then, he climbed the wall, broke into the restroom on the 2nd floor. Seeing a teacher coming, Tam controlled, tied his hands, stuffed a rag in his mouth.

He robbed the teacher of a gold ring and climbed out of the wall, but fell and hurt his leg, so he hid in a pile of firewood.

After 4 hours of searching and investigating, the police discovered Tam’s hiding place – a private detective service in Vietnam.