Arrested thief stealing air conditioner in Hanoi

Newsletter on security and order in Hanoi city, Vietnam, Vietnamese private detective and investigation services agency

The police of Ha Dong district, Hanoi, Vietnam are holding Nguyen Van Ve (35 years old, in Nam Tu Liem district, Hanoi, Vietnam) to investigate the act of theft.

Investigating the case, Ve has knowledge of electricity and water, Hanoi detective agency.

When there is no money to spend, the subject plans to steal the hot air conditioner units.

Ve wanders in Ha Dong market to find the crime scene. Go to Tran Hung Dao Street, Ha Dong, Hanoi.

He discovered there were 4 air conditioner heaters installed behind a government office.

Ve immediately removed the 4 hot units and brought them home, then sold them for 1.3 million dong.

Guard stole 3 more air conditioner units and sold 2.6 million VND.

At the investigation headquarters, he also claimed to have stolen 7 other air conditioner units in Nam Tu Liem district.

The case continues to be investigated, Vietnamese private detective services